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Sport is our passion and we value how sport has changed our lives for the better. This is what we want to make possible for other persons in need, too

The FABS Foundation was founded in July 2016 as a voluntary part of FABS Projects. The initiator and founder is the young Entrepreneur Fabian Narkus. Together with his team he lives by the motto “Young people can make a difference”. The idea was born during a project with golf player Sandra Gal. Through personal initiative and targeted usage of social media channels they were able to sell a golf bag at an auction. By this, USD 10.000 were generated and donated to USGA Girls Golf. The wish to help and support socially disadvantaged people and especially children grew stronger. It is the mission to provide access to sport activities for children and the disabled and to make their start into social life easier. Our goal is: inclusion and targeted support instead of exclusion. We want to be part of the solution and we believe that our individual concept enables us to pursue this goal in the best possible way. Beside independent donations, our two campaigns Channel Aid® and Greater Good Charity Auctions® are the main drivers of our charity. The monetarization of Youtube channels has reached new dimensions in the past years. With our Channel Aid® we are using this trend. Supporters of our foundation give us exclusive rights for new videos to be uploaded onto our channel platform. By clicking on the Youtube advertisements before viewing the content of the video EVERYONE can generate money for a good cause without having to donate money themselves. The Channel Aid project was expanded in January 2018 with the "Channel Aid - Live in Concert" concert series. The concert series connects international artists with YouTube stars. In order not to neglect the good cause here, all ticket revenues of the concerts go into the projects of the FABS Foundation. Supporters such as Rita Ora, the German rapper Cro and YouTube stars such as MAX, Leroy Sanchez, Samantha Harvey, Nicole Cross and Costantino Carrara are already behind the creative project and have joined the team. Our project partners also support our Ebay auctions. Signed football shirts of football legends, limited golf clubs, Meet and Greets and more – on Greater Good Charity Auctions® everyone can be an active bidder and buyer. Thereby, we are adapting to modern trends, making us accessible for young generations and using the power of social media for a good cause. With help from other projects and special actions this cause is supported further. The world is spinning fast. Spending more time in front of screens is a trend that is growing more and more. We want to increase the awareness that our body is our most important asset. Especially in young years, sport should be part of the everyday life, not only because it’s fun but because it also ensures physical and mental health. It is our goal to offer new chances of integration for underprivileged children and to help handicapped persons with their integration into social life. Through our own project “Chance to Dance” a great part of the donations can be used to reach this goal. Chance to Dance is a project that organises ballroom dancing classes for disabled people. The connection between physical and mental activity in a social context can greatly improve the quality of their life. The FABS Foundation enables dancing schools to offer these classes for free. Furthermore, we also support external projects. One of these projects is called “Kicking Girls” where the social integration of girls is encouraged through football.  Another project is “MitternachtsSport” from the Bundesliga Foundation. This is a sports concept that helps socially deprived children to get off of the streets at night and ensures educational support in addition to the sport activities. By this, we support selected projects that we feel deeply about and where we can ensure that 100% of the donations will arrive where they are needed.


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Singer & Songwriter

Rita Ora

Singer & Songwriter


Singer & Songwriter

Samy Deluxe

Singer & Songwriter

Leroy Sanchez

Singer | YouTube Sensation

Alyson Stoner

Artist / Actress

MAX Schneider

Singer & Songwriter

Madilyn Bailey

Singer & Songwriter

Mariana Nolasco


Kurt Hugo Schneider

Artist / Producer

Montana Tucker


Sam Tsui


Samantha Harvey

Singer & Songwriter

Andie Case


Lydia Ko

LPGA Golfer | World. No 1

Carina Witthoeft

WTA Tennis Player

DJ Tay James

Official DJ of Justin Bieber


Official Drummer of Justin Bieber

Nicole Cross


Felix von der Laden


Xenia Overdose


Simon Unge




Brittany Lincicome

LPGA Golfer | Major Winner

Oliver Marach

ATP Tennis Player | Australian Open Champion

Urban Amadei

Parkour World Champion

Allie Sherlock

Singer & Songwriter

Costantino Carrara

YouTube-Creator | Pianist

Chris Collins


Youri Menna

YouTube-Creator | Musician

Andrew Garcia


Shannon K


Kenzie Nimmo


Austin Percario


Davina Michelle


Diamond White


Will Gittens


Josh Levi




Casey Breves


Kirsten Collins


Danny Padilla


Megan Lee



Artist / Producer

Abi Sampa


Jordan Doww

YouTube Creator

Michele Grandinetti





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Wincent Weiss will become new Headliner of CALIC by JBL 2023

On January 3rd, 2023, Channel Aid - live in Concert by JBL will enter its 5th edition. It will be the first show since the pandemic. The big stage will once again be the Grand Hall of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The headliner will be German musician Wincent Weiss, who will be performing with an orchestra for the first time in his career. The Ensemble Matheus, coming from Paris, will be led by star conductor "Jean-Christophe Spinosi". The format will be supported by newcomers Loi and KAYEF. The evening will be hosted for the 5th time by Christian Stübinger. The show will be streamed live on YouTube and TikTok once again.

ReOrchestrated on Amazon Prime Video

With today's release, the Amazon Prime Video documentary "ReOrchestrated" is available worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. The story of the documentary embodies the Grammy-nominated band "Bastille" performing on stage for Channel Aid - live in Concert in January 2020. The story shows the creation of ReOrchestrated culminating in a large orchestra at Channel Aid in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. The documentary will be broadcast in over 142 countries worldwide and is available to all Amazon Prime Video customers free of charge for 6 months. 

Channel Aid becomes part of the Amazon Exclusive documentary "ReOrchestrated

Channel Aid will be part of the Amazon Prime Video documentary "ReOrchestrated" - a documentary about the British band "Bastille". The documentary will be released exclusively in over 142 countries on Amazon Prime's video platform on 5 February 2021. In the meantime, you can find the official trailers for the documentary on the right.

WARMTH by Bastille becomes Amazon Original

The British Grammy-nominated band "Bastille" is releasing a worldwide original from Amazon Music together with Channel Aid, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Kristjan Järvi. The song "Warmth" from Bastille's performance at Channel Aid - live in Concert on 04 January 2021 in the grand hall of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg has been remixed and mastered and is available exclusively on the music streaming service "Amazon Music" for 6 months.

Over 3 million views for We are the World 2020

Yesterday evening, the Global Citizen Together at Home Festival was held in connection with the Corvid-19 pandemic. Channel Aid was heavily featured on YouTube and our version of #Together at Home Edition We are the World was viewed over 1.5 million times. Thank you very much for your visit, because every click counts and is money for the projects of the FABS Foundation.

But that's not all, a report on French TV, showing stars like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder or the Rolling, Channel Aid was also mentioned with its version of Together at Home We are the World.

Channel Aid next to Global Citizen

Yesterday evening, the Global Citizen Together at Home Festival was held in connection with the Corvid-19 pandemic. Channel Aid was heavily featured on YouTube and our version of #Together at Home Edition We are the World was viewed over 1.5 million times. Thank you very much for your visit, because every click counts and is money for the projects of the FABS Foundation.

But that's not all, a report on French TV, showing stars like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder or the Rolling, Channel Aid was also mentioned with its version of Together at Home We are the World.

5 Million Views for We are the World 2018

Our first video, We are the World 2018, breaks the 5 million visitor click mark on YouTube. It is our first work, which was already praised in 2018 by star producer Quincy Jones.

With over 125,000 likes on YouTube and 4,850 comments, it is one of the most popular videos of the We are the World versions, even beyond the borders of the Channel Aid channel. In times of Covid-19 this video is one of the most important things for Channel Aid.

You can find more information on Channel Aid's YouTube channel.

#TogetherAtHome Edition We are the World

The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the whole world hard and every country is going its own way to deal with the threat. We too are hit hard by the measures and restrictions, but we do not let ourselves be held back in our will to do good and continue to lead by example with commitment and passion.

And so the #Together idea of Channel Aid was born, and together with the 33 artists from our 2018 We are the World version, this time with Allie Sherlock, we expanded and recorded a new version of the song. But with this version the shooting should not be like the first one, where we all produced the song together. This time all stars were asked to record their part of the song in quarantine (at home) from the living room, the garden or the hobby room. This resulted in a special video with goose bumps.

Now have a look at Channel Aid and all views will bring good things and generate cash for the projects of the FABS Foundation.

Australian Open for VIPrize winners

The Charity Auction of VIPrize, for the Australian Open 2020 attended by tennis stars Oliver Marach and Jürgen Melzer came to a successful end. The lucky winner Vicky Tooze had great days down under in Melbourne and could enjoy world class tennis matches as well as other breathtaking moments.

Besides attractive tennis matches she met Oliver Marach and Jürgen Melzer in person and could also experience a backstage tour through the catacombs of Melbourne Park.

As always, all proceeds will go to the projects of the FABS Foundation to support voluntary, social and charitable work.

You want seconds? Very much with pleasure

From today the musical aftershow party starts with our films and impressions of Channel Aid - live in Concert Night. We will start on YouTube with Waves by Bastille, Kristjan Järvi and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra.

Every day there will be a refill and so you can reminisce together with us. And that's not all, because all views generate donations for the benefit of Channel Aid projects. Clicking in, celebrating and singing is worthwhile twice over. We count on you and your visit to our YouTube channel powered by Channel Aid.

50.000 € for the good cause

We would not be us if the Channel Aid- live in Concert events did not focus on the good cause. We had to calculate for a long time and in the end the proud sponsorship sum of 50.000€ was fixed.

The sum will go to the projects of Laureus Sport for Good, Right to Play and Chance to Dance, which will certainly achieve many great things with the respective sums.

The donation gift was not handed over just like that. The boys from Bastille presented the much-anticipated cheque to the organisations together on site in the Elbphilharmonie. A great success for Channel Aid - live in concert, which makes us incredibly proud.

But of course this is not the final score yet, as the on-demand revenues on YouTube will also come in addition, which will of course benefit the projects 1:1.

The big surprise in the cinema

Over 200 fans were able to secure a ticket for the sold out Astor 1 cinema and watch the concert live together. This action is made possible by Mastercard and Channel Aid.

For all those who unfortunately couldn't get a ticket for the Elbphilharmonie and didn't want to watch the live stream on YouTube alone, we had thought of an alternative and thus brought the concert directly to the cinema.

We started at the Astor Kino with US newcomer MAX, who played a 30-minute unplugged show with his guitarist Ryan Siegel live in front of the fans. But that's not all, while the fans were waiting for the concert and Bastille in the Elbphilharmonie, they were not even there yet, because Bastille's band appeared personally in the cinema and surprised all the fans.

Mastercard made this special moment possible! But that's not all, because Bastille did not come to the Astor cinema empty-handed. The guys had 1x2 tickets for the concert in the Elbphilharmonie and 5x2 tickets for the after show party.

For the winner it went 15 minutes before the start of the show quickly in a shuttle from Mercedes Benz to the Elbphilharmonie. His first statement: planned with cinema and got Elbphilharmonie, WOW!

Channel Aid - live in Concert 2020

Actually the last minutes and hours can be summarized in one sentence! Thank you very much for an incredible and unique night!

Channel Aid- live in Concert has become a mega success, also thanks to you. A sold-out Elbphilharmonie, fans in ecstasy and standing in the Konzerthaus, over 100,000 enthusiastic faces on the net as live spectators, celebrities on the red carpet and a happy organizing troupe, that's the balance of the evening.

As a charming and confident host, Christian Stübinger once again welcomed the fans in the Elbphilharmonie. Right at the beginning of the evening we started with the first bang, the opening from the stars Costantino Carrara and Leroy Sanchez. Founder and initiator Fabian Narkus together with Jan Frodeno (Olympic winner + Iron-Man champion) welcomed the audience and thanked for the support. They also reported on the developments of the individual charity projects until the two of them then passed the Mirko on to the support acts Allie Sherlock and Madilyn Bailey.

This was followed by 100 minutes of Bastille, which will go down in history. With a European flag on her back Bastille started her first song, as a sign of European cohesion and the sad departure of Great Britain, until the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra and Kristjan Järvi joined in. There was an unbelievable energy and mood in the audience and therefore it was not surprising that most of the fans did not stay in their seats for long. A Channel Aid - live in concert that could not have been better.

Afterwards, the majority of the concert visitors were able to enjoy the barking of Barkassen Meyer, which brought the partying community to the after-show party in the fish auction hall. With beats from star DJs Kai Schwarz, Party Pupils, Dominique Jardin and DJ Helmo, the place was on fire and the party went on until deep into the night and the last beat didn't stop until the morning hours.

On your mark, get set, go - Channel Aid is ready to go

For a long time we all worked hard, thoughtfully and had wild ideas to create an unforgettable evening with the boys of Bastille in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for all fans. Therefore we were very nervous before the first and almost only rehearsals for Channel Aid - live in concert. So we were all the more relaxed afterwards when we realized that we only had thoroughbred musicians and real professionals around us and everything went like clockwork. So the excitement was completely unnecessary.

Great arrangements of the Bastille songs, unique productions, special musical guests and unique background music accompanied by star conductor Kristjan Järvi were waiting for their performances in the Elbphilharmonie. Bastille is on fire and we were sure that tomorrow evening would be one to go down in the history books.

Who unfortunately can't be there live, can somehow still be if you visit our live stream from 19:45 tomorrow on our Channel-Aid.Tv.

And this time it's also said that every click counts and does good for special projects. We are looking forward to your support.

Fans visit Samy Deluxe concert

The charity campaign launched by Samy Deluxe and Channel Aid was a complete success and exceeded all expectations. We say thank you to a sum of 6.000€, which is donated to the two projects: Chance to Dance and Deluxe Kidz.

Together, the auction was launched on 21.10.2019 via VIPrize and everyone was excited to see how the auction would proceed. The charity projects will be more than happy about the sponsorship money and will do great things with it.

The winners of the auction could look forward to a great, colorful and exclusive evening with Samy Deluxe. It started with the backstage tour and the following Meet & Greet with the master Samy Deluxe personally. Afterwards we went to the exclusive VIP-Lounge for refreshment with cold drinks and real Hamburg curry sausage.

Strengthened and equipped with cool drinks it could only be a humid and cheerful evening with many highlights and great guests.

We say thank you very much to all participants.

Channel Aid goes Astor Filmlounge

Whoever wanted to see the guys from the band Bastille live in the Elbphilharmonie had to be quick, because the concert was completely sold out in less than 24 hours. But we wouldn't be us, if we couldn't think of another clou, so that you too can experience the concert and have an unforgettable evening. Together with Mastercard we bring Channel Aid - live in concert to the cinema!

With the Astor Filmlounge in Hamburg's HafenCity it is possible to see the concert with Bastille live. And not only that, the ticket price includes drinks and light snacks as well as all sorts of surprises. So be quick and secure your place in the Astor Filmlounge at Priceless.com

Together at Laderach!

On 28.11.2019 it was time to say thank you and at the same time to take stock of the FABS Foundation and its charity projects. But that's not all, because to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare for Channel Aid - live in concert, all sponsors, supporters, friends and partners were invited to make and paint chocolate together at Läderach Chocolatier in Hamburg.

Fabian reported on the successes and careers of the projects and welcomed, among others, Julian Lohaus, Communication Manager of Right to Play and Thomas Narkus, Director of Chance to Dance, who together with 6 participants of the charity dance course. Hearing from the respective institutions what is possible together and thanks to Channel Aid and the FABS Foundation, motivated everyone and the anticipation of the upcoming Bastille concert was again increased.

Everyone had a nice and above all creative evening together, where everyone could take home their own personal chocolate including the Channel Aid logo.

In this context we would like to thank once again all our companions and partners as well as
Sponsors and friends for the nice evening and of course Läderach for the extraordinary chocolate creations.

Priceless Moments with Mastercard!

Who wouldn't like to be surprised by their favourite star? Because that's what happened to our Liv. Together with Mastercard and the guys from the band Bastille, Liv was lured to YouTube Space in London for Channel Aid Media Day and a supposedly upcoming Amazon Prime Video campaign, where she was supposed to speak up for a fan video, not knowing that Liv was closer to her idols than she thought.

Just as Liv was about to speak up for the video, it happened and Bastille surprised her. If you want to see how the production went and what kind of face Liv made when Bastille stood in front of her, visit us as usual on YouTube on Channel Aid. All views count as usual for the good cause.

On top of that there was another surprise for Liv. She got on top two flights to Hamburg as well as two hotel nights and tickets for Channel Aid - live in concert with Bastille in the Elbphilharmonie.

Charity Auction with Bastille

The indie rock band Bastille was won over as the godfather of a sensational event in aid of the FABS Foundation projects. As part of the Channel Aid - live in Concert series, Channel Aid & Bastille will auction off a special fan package.

At the auction on VIPrize.org/Bastille you can buy 2 front-row tickets, a meet & greet pass with the band before the concert, flight and hotel as well as VIP lounge access plus aftershow party access and VIP transfer powered by Mercedes Benz. If you want to be a part of it, just click on VIPrize.org/Bastille and take part.

Samy Deluxe for the good cause!

Achieving more together was once again the motto with Samy Deluxe, who has come up with something very special for the good cause with Chanel Aid. In favour of the charity projects "Chance to Dance" as well as Deluxe Kidz by the initiator Samy Deluxe himself, an unforgettable highlight for all fans will be created together with the Barclaycard Arena Hamburg and auctioned on the platform VIPrize.

You will have the opportunity to meet Samy Deluxe in person and secure a visit to the SaMTV Unplugged Concert on December 19, 2019 including a box at the Barclaycard Arena.

But that's not all, the winner will not only be able to attend a unique concert of Samy Deluxe together with 4 friends, but all of them will get the opportunity to get a backstage pass including meet & greet in a unique package and to meet Samy Deluxe off stage. The SaMTV Unplugged Concert will take place on December 19, 2019 at the Barclaycard Arena Hamburg. Click and bid, thanks for your support!

Round 3 for Channel Aid - live in Concert

On January 4th, 2020, Channel Aid will present the British indie rock band BASTILLE, exclusively accompanied by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra, under the artistic direction of conductor and producer Kristjan Järvi. The proceeds will go to the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020. The advance sale starts on 18.10.2019 at Eventim.de.

The Founding Director and Music Director of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Kristjan Järvi will be on the podium. The New York Times once wrote about Kristjan Järvi as "Leonard Bernstein's rebirth as conductor of fusion bands". BASTILLE, known by singer Dan Smith and hits like "Pompeii" and "Happier", will adapt to the unique location during the performance with the celebrated Baltic Sea Philharmonic in the Elbphilharmonie and deliver a concert that the visitors on location and all live viewers on YouTube won't soon forget. But best of all, those who listen and watch also help those social projects that are supported by Channel Aid. Because the money that the first charity channel on YouTube earns with advertising and its campaigns benefits needy children and young people.

As support acts, Channel Aid presents two young YouTube stars. With 2 million followers on YouTube, 14-year-old Allie Sherlock, who grew up in Dublin, is regarded as one of the world's best known young European talents. Madilyn Bailey from Los Angeles (USA) even has almost 7 million subscribers, her cover version of David Guetta's "Titanium" with 103 million views is one of the top covers on the video portal. The live stream will be available worldwide on Channel-Aid.Tv on 04.01.2020 from 8pm german time.

Oliver Marach & Jürgen Melzer for FABS Foundation

Together with tennis stars Oliver Marach and Jürgen Melzer, the FABS Foundation collects money for the benefit of children, young people and people with disabilities. On the platform of VIPrize.org you can win a trip to the Australian Open 2020. The trip includes hotel, travel and a Meet & Greet with Oliver and Jürgen Melzer. By buying vouchers on the platform you have the chance to travel to Melbourne. The Australian Open is one of 4 Grand Slam tournaments of the ATP. Marach/Melzer are currently among the best tennis doubles on the ATP World Tour. In summer 2019 they won the ATP 500 tournament in Hamburg. Oliver Marach is the current number 10 in the world and won the Australian Open in 2018, as well as the two finalists Wimbledon (2017) and Roland Garros (2018). In 2018 he finished the calendar year on position 1. Jürgen Melzer, the former number 8 in the ATP Singles Ranking. Among others he beat stars like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. He also reached the semi-finals in Roland Garros. In doubles he won two Grand Slam tournaments with Wimbledon and the US Open. Any donations generated on VIPrize go to the FABS Foundation project. The campaign runs until the end of November. You can buy your tickets under the following link: http://www.VIPrize.org/MarachMelzer

3 million views for We are the World on YouTube

Our "We are the World 2018 Remake" has cracked the 3 Million Watch-Mark on YouTube! This is the first video on Channel Aid to leave this bench mark behind. To date, almost 3 million people have watched the video. In addition it was commented over 3,400 times and provided with nearly 85,000 like me clicks. What's special is that legend Quincy Jones (27 Grammy Awards + producer of the 1985 original) became aware of the remake. He liked the song from 2018 so much that he let his fans know on social media with the following words: "It's absolutely beautiful to see kids taking it upon themselves to make a difference, & for "We Are The World" being the impetus to do it again...When we did WATW in '85, there was not a drop of an "I, me, mine" mentality because we knew we were there collectively for a purpose larger than ourselves. All egos were checked at the door!!...And like my bro Bono wisely said, "You should look at success & fame & all that stuff as a currency, & you have to know how to spend it" & these kids are doing just that! Spending it on OTHERS! Big-time love & props..." For the FABS Foundation and Channel Aid the best compliment that could have been given!

We are the World 2018 is online!

33 years ago Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and many more released We are the World. To this day it is a song that has written music history. Over 63 million US dollars were generated at that time for the good cause. Today - in 2018 - times have changed. We have become digital. We at Channel Aid want to show that the online world has understood social responsibility. Together we act as a family and have produced "We are the World 2018" together in the Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. Every click on YouTube generates money for our projects. The song will also be available on all streaming platforms from 21 December 2018.

We are the World 2018

Along with over 30 online stars & artists, Channel Aid and the FABS Foundation went to Los Angeles on November 26, 2018. To be more precise, in the holy halls of Studio A in the Capitol Studios in Hollywood. Together it was recorded charity song including video clip, which will be released on December 18, 2018 on Channel Aid. It is the well-known charity song "We are the World", which was written in 1985 by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Channel Aid is the first YouTube channel ever to do such a big project on the YouTube platform for a good cause. The song & video was produced by YouTube legend Kurt Hugo Schneider. Big figureheads of the song were among others Sam Tsui, Alyson Stoner or Mariana Nolasco. Also old friends like Leroy Sanchez, Nicole Cross or Costantino Carrara were present. The three were already part of the family for Channel Aid - live in concert at the Elbphilharmonie. The remake for We are the World 2018 was supported by YouTube Music. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

FABS Foundation x Wall x Cro x Samy Deluxe

The FABS Foundation and Wall GmbH are launching another Out of Home campaign in Germany. The faces of this campaign are the well-known German musicians Cro & Samy Deluxe. Together we draw attention to our YouTube channel "Channel Aid". Both artists are represented on this channel. Cro was the headliner of our second Channel Aid concert. Samy Deluxe, on the other hand, exclusively provided a video of his single "Ego" from the SaMTV Unplugged album. Through every view money is collected for the benefit of children, teenagers and handicapped people!

Samy Deluxe x Channel Aid

Samy Deluxe is the new brand ambassador for Channel Aid. After the release of his SaMTV Unplugged album he has made his song "Ego" exclusively available to Channel Aid. Since today all Samy Deluxe fans can do good and listen to his well-deserved MTV work at the same time. We are very excited about this partnership. Fabian Narkus, founder of Channel Aid: "We are very proud that such a great artist as Samy Deluxe is convinced of our concept. It's not everyday to get a song from his perhaps most important album of his career. Of course we hope for many views and great donations".


Channel Aid - live in Concert went into the second round. Stars & starlets met again for Channel Aid in the Grand Hall of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. With 2,100 fans and 640,000 people on YouTube. It was a very special night and the first Hip Hop concert ever in this special location. The German rap star Cro performed over 90 minutes for the benefit of Channel Aid and the FABS Foundation. The YouTube creators Leroy Sanchez and Samantha Harvey, who together reach millions of people on their YouTube channels, were also there. The two were supported by DJ and drummer of Justin Bieber - DJ Tay James & Devin Stixx Taylor.

For the Aftershowparty all guests went by boat transfer from Barkassen Meyer from the Elbphilharmonie to the Altonaer Fischauktionshalle. Our headliner Cro celebrated until late into the night with his entourage and many other guests. At the DJ booth the guests could enjoy the sounds of DJ Tay James (Justin Bieber) and Psaiko Dino (Cro)! The evening was supported by many partners & sponsors. The good cause was not neglected either, so that money from the event can flow into the "Chance to Dance" project.


The FABS Foundation will again be supported by the outdoor advertiser Wall. Since today in Hamburg and surrounding areas you will come across the official poster from „Channel Aid - live in Concert “, starring Cro at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Wall placed several hundreds of posters in the Hanseatic city and supports our event as a big media-partner. Thank you!


The FABS Foundation is continuing its "Channel Aid - Live in Concert" concert series in July 2018. This time the German rap-singer CRO will be performing at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg on the 2nd July 2018. Again, it will be possible for consumers who have not purchased a ticket to follow the concert via a live stream on YouTube. Also all revenues from the event will flow into the FABS Foundations projects to help children, teenagers and people with disabilities to live life more fortune. To increase the number of clicks to generate more money, the live-stream will be broadcasted on the Channel Aid YouTube-channel. Whilst watching the Channel Aid - Live in Concert consumers are satisfied and without noticing they are helping to generate money for the foundation. This time we also have three YouTube Creator to support our main act CRO. the native but in the USA living Spaniard Leroy Sanchez, Samantha Harvey from the UK and drummer and DJ of Justin Bieber, Devon Taylor and DJ Tay James, will be performing at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg during the first half. Further information's on: www.Channel-Aid.de

Channel Aid - live in Concert at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

What a night it was. Hamburg, the big hall, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, as well as world star Rita Ora along with the YouTube creators MAX, Nicole Cross and Costantino Carrara. 2.100 guests were present and animated the Elbphilharmonie. All in favour of Channel Aid / the FABS Foundation. It was an evening with a lot of charm. Rita Ora compared her performance with a private concert in her living room. To get to the after show location our guests were invited to use the provided boat transfers from the Elbphilharmonie right to the Altonaer Fischauktionshalle. The evening was supported by many partners and sponsors, so it was possible to celebrate well into the night. The good cause was also not neglected because the money we earned from the event will flow into the "Chance to Dance" project.

Channel Aid - Adventskalender

only in german available

Wall x Channel Aid

The FABS Foundation will again be supported by the outdoor advertiser Wall. Since today in Hamburg and surrounding areas you will come across the official poster from „Channel Aid - live in Concert “, starring Rita Ora at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Wall placed several hundreds of posters in the Hanseatic city and supports our event as a big media-partner. Thank you!

Rita Ora and YouTube-Creators for Channel Aid at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

The FABS Foundation is continuing its campaign by collecting donations for social projects with the help of well-known internet influencers spectacularly. In the end of “Season 1” of Channel Aid the successful British and international singer RITA ORA will be performing at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg on the 5th January 2018 and will not only be available for local visitors but also on YouTube via live stream she can also be heard and seen. The proceeds of all ad revenues from the first YouTube Charity-Channel plus all revenues from the Channel Aid Live Concert including its After show party with well-known DJ’s will be benefited to a good cause.
Idea generator Fabian Narkus, Managing Director of FABS Foundation, introduces the next level with a spectacular project for the 5th January 2018: “We will give a concert at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg starring star perfomer Rita Ora and it will be streamed live on YouTube. This will help us to increase attention and the number of clicks on our Charity-Channel on YouTube to generate more aid money.” The musically talented YouTube-creator Costantino Carrara and Nicole Cross who both already gave a sample of their performance at the press-conference in Hamburg and YouTube Creator MAX from the USA will support the show during the first half. The ticket presale starts on the 9th November on Eventim. Further information’s on: www.Channel-Aid.de

Channel Aid - live in Concert

“Channel Aid - Live in Concert” is an exceptional series of charity concerts according the motto: “young people want to change something “. The series starts with the first concert in one of the world’s most impressive locations - the Elbphilharmonie. On the 5th January 2018 and on the 2nd July 2018 the doors of the great hall will open. Apart from the main act, two to three YouTube-stars will perform. Via live stream the concert can also be followed on YouTube (@ChannelAid). On the 2nd November 2017 the FABS Foundation announced details regarding the concept and future ideas at the Hotel Atlantic Hamburg. Further information’s about the event are available on www.Channel-Aid.de. At the press area of “News Aktuell” you can find our official press release.

SMS Gewinnspiel feat. Google Pixel

We are sorry! This competetion is only valid in Germany.

Mission FABS Foundation & Wall GmbH

The FABS Foundation and Wall GmbH starting an out of home campaign in Germany. The motto "Influencers meets offline". This funding campaign connects online and offline at its best. Supporting by german Social Media Stars Felix von der Laden aka DNER (YouTube), Xenia Overdose (Blogger) & Tennis Star Carina Witthoeft. All three will be placed on CLPs in Germany (for exm.: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, ...) to generate donations for the FABS Foundation. Obviously their social media plattforms will be a big part too. Everyone in Germany can support. Text message with Keyword AID to donate 5 Euro for children, teenagers and people with disabilities.

Xenia Overdose supports FABS Foundation!

Xenia Overdose is one of Germany's most successful Lifestyle bloggers. For Xenia, from Hamburg, everything revolves around Travel, Fashion, Food and Fitness. She wholeheartedly wishes to support the Foundation and Wall Decaux.
She offers her face in backing the SMS Charity Campaign to help children, teenagers and people with disabilities.
On posters throughout 19 german cities and through her Social Media channels she will be asking people to support the campaign.
We thank Xenia for her faith in us and are looking forward to working togehter with her.

Felix von der Laden aka DNER supports FABS Foundation!

Felix von der Laden - better known as DNER - is a German Webvideo producer. Since 2011 he has become a leading light in the Online Gaming World.
With almost 10 million followers he is one of Germany's most successful Youtubers.
He became famous mostly through the publishing of Let's play and Vlogs.
The 23 year old is very conscious of being a role model to many and therefore has decided to be part of the SMS Charity Campaign of FABS Foundation. From June 2017 he will feature on posters throughout 19 German cities and will also use his online platforms to back the good cause.
We are very happy to have his support.

Carina Witthoeft supports FABS Foundation!

The German tennis star Carina Witthoeft is the third and final member supporting the SMS-Charity campaign of FABS Foundation. The young German from Hamburg and the initiator – Fabian Narkus – know eachother from former tennis times. Fabian Narkus: „It is great that our paths cross again and we can work together for a good cause this time.” From June 2017, Carina will feature on posters in 19 cities throughout Germany along with Internet-star “DNER” and blogger “Xenia Overdose” to encourage people to donate to FABS Foundation.

Brittany Lincicome supports FABS Foundation!

The US American Brittany Lincicome (19th September 1985) supports the FABS Foundation. The professional golf player currently plays for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). She is the no.29 in the world, winner of the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2009 and Major winner of the ANA Inspiration 2015. Furthermore, she represented the USA at the Solheim Cup five times so far. Her driving distance of 254m makes her one of the best female golfers. Now she supports the „Greater Good - Charity Auctions“ with one of her wedges – used and signed. We thank her so much for her support and look forward to working together again in the future.

LPGA Golfstar Lydia Ko supports FABS Foundation!

The professional golfer Lydia Ko (24th April 1997) from New-Zealand supports the FABS Foundation. She is the youngest world no.1 in the history of golf. Her past successes include winning the Evian Championship (2015) and the ANA Inspiration (2016), the Olympic Silver Medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016 as well as 14 victories in the LPGA in total. Supporting the FABS Foundation is a matter that is very close to her heart. She supports “Greater Good – Charity Auctions“ with a signed Callaway Tour Bag. Fabian Narkus commented: “What a blast!” We thank Lydia and look forward to further projects.

Signed Golf Bag by Sandra Gal ­ US Open Special Edition

Once again the FABS Foundation has got an incredible goodie to offer. Professional golfer Sandra Gal has donated one of her signed golf bags. But there is more! The golf bag is part of a special edition by Callaway designed for the US Open 2015. It was developed as part of a unique collection dedicated to Gary Player and produced only in a single duplicate. Via „Greater Good – Charity Auctions“ one of these exclusive bags is available now. 100% of the money generated will be used to support our social projects. For direct purchase bids please send an E-Mail to: Bid@FABS-Foundation.com.

signed Solheim Cup Pinflag

Following the example of the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup has taken place every two years since 1990. For the first time in 2015 the team competition between the best female golf players of the USA (Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour) and the best female golf players of Europe (Ladies European Tour) took place in Germany. The host of this three-day tournament was the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club. FABS Foundation was able to get hold of one of the pin flags with the original logo of the Solheim Cup. The flag is signed by both teams and will be auctioned via the „Greater Good – Charity Auctions“ for a good cause. Bid at: Bid@FABS-Foundation.com

Wimbledon Tennis Ball

Wimbledon Championships – THE tennis event of the year. Since 1877 you cannot imagine the world of tennis without this Grand Slam tournament. If you want to get to the top – this is the place to be. The German newcomer star Carina Witthoeft also played on the holy grass this year. For „Greater Good – Charity Auctions“ she managed to collect one of the most wanted and unsaleable Wimbledon tennis balls. Of course this tennis ball is signed and will be available via our EBAY channel. We thank Carina for her commitment. For direct purchase bids please send us an E-Mail to:  Bid@FABS-Foundation.com.

Oliver Marach joins the FABS Foundation

Oliver Marach (16.07.1980), is Davis Cup tennis player for Austria. His personal highest position was reached in 2010. Together with his doubles partner he was listed no. 8 in the world ranking. Additionally, he qualified himself for the semi-finale of the Australian Open in 2009 as well as for the semi-finale of Wimbledon in 2016. He lives with his wife and daughters in Panama. Helping socially deprived children in particular, motivated him to support the FABS Foundation. He collects treasures of the tennis world on the ATP World Tour so they can be put up for auction via Greater Good Charity Auctions®.

Amadei Weiland supports Channel Aid!

Amadei Weiland (12.06.1988) is a Parkour professional. He is a professional stuntman, trainer and actor. His main focus lies on Parkour. The world record holder is partly known through winning on the show “Wetten, dass…?” (2011) and his appearance on Stefan Raabs show “TVtotal” (2015). Furthermore, he was honoured with the Laureus Award. With his Youtube Channel “Urban Amadei” he managed to become the no.1 in the social media world of German Parkour. His spectacular stunt videos and tutorials as well as Vlogs, that allow personal insights into his life, are viewed by over 100.000 of his subscribers.

10.000$ for Sandra Gals Golf Bag

Sandra Gal is a German professional golf player. On the LPGA Tour she supported the USGA Girls Golf. Here, girls from socially deprived areas are actively integrated into the golf community. To make a difference, Sandra Gal and Fabian Narkus supported Girls Golf by organising a charity auction in 2015. They used a Golf Bag and a couple of Drivers and let Golf stars who were playing the Tour sign them. Among them were golf players like Lydia Ko, Morgan Pressel, Yani Tseng and Sandra Gal. Through social media channels the package was eventually auctioned for USD 10.000. 100% of the generated sum was donated to Girls Golf.

The Courooons support the FABS Foundation

The Courooons are a tennis/-golf-tricks trio from Hamburg. The Courooons were founded in 2010 by Fabian Narkus and Vincent Brandes. Later on Ivan Petrovic joined them. Together they took tennis trick shots to a new dimension. The press referred to them as the most successful Tennis trick shot players of the world. Furthermore, Stefan Raab’s attention was drawn to the trio and so he invited them to his show “TVtotal” several times. In the year 2012 they won the much sought after Laureus Award. With a “Best of Courooons” video they support the Channel Aid® today. All advertising revenues are used to support the projects of the foundation.


To find out about our projects, have a look at the descriptions below.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Chance to Dance

The well known dancing school „Mein Tanzstudio“ in Hamburg has been offering dancing classes for persons with disabilities for years. Every Sunday people from any age group can learn to dance, studying the dancing classics at their own speed and under professional guidance. The personal support addresses the needs of every individual and helps them with their integration into social society. The city of Hamburg honored this project with the Social Award in 2011. Through Chance to Dance, the FABS Foundation and Mein Tanzstudio will be able to extend the range of classes and introduce the concept to different dancing schools throughout Germany.

Laureus Sport for Good

Laureus Sport for Good is composed of Sport for Good Foundation, the World Sports Academy as well as the World Sports Awards. Today, it is one of the most well known Foundations worldwide. Patron Nelson Mandela said: "Sport has the Power to change the World". Following this guiding principle they implement projects worldwide. They use sport to give children a chance to develop and to smooth out social differences. Foundation initiator Fabian Narkus won the Laureus Award in 2012. The since existing strong bond was the basis for deciding to support the projects of Laureus with parts of the donations generated from the FABS Foundation.

Right to Play

Right To Play is an international children's aid foundation. In 15 countries they impart knowledge and skills to children so that they can develop their potential in every child. Through play & sport they make children strong so that they can take their future into their own hands. A game works! A football game conveys tolerance and teamwork; a catching game can explain malaria.
To achieve a sustainable impact, Right To Play works closely with local charities and ministries. They train teachers and coaches in game-based teaching methods and provide materials, training and resources.

Deluxe Kidz

DeluxeKidz e.V. is an organisation for the cultural promotion of children and young people, founded in 2013 by the musician Samy Deluxe.
Our basis is the elements of hip hop: rap, breakdance, graffiti, beatboxing, DJing, singing.
We want to offer children and young people an alternative to leisure time activities involving computers, mobile phones and excessive social media use. Every child has the right to access music and movement in a form of teaching that is free of grading and based on mutual respect.
We live inclusion because tolerance and respect have always been the foundations of hip hop culture.


Do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to your ideas.


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